Nader Mohamed

Nader Mohamed is an Egyptian journalist and a famous author who worked in one of the famous media magazines in Egypt Born on 29 August 1989 Born in Egypt Cairo Work to improve journalism in Egypt and the media He is the executive director of concerts for the artist Mohamed Mounir

invited to meet him Martin Tamcke. He is a famous journalist who worked in one of the famous news websites in the Internet and papers. He is an author and writer. He is one of a thousand writers in the name of the "Men of the Summit" in 2017. The book was written about all the famous newspapers in the Internet.

The book of the Men of the Supreme Books of 2017 written by the journalist Nader Nader Mohamed wrote in his book Nader Mohamed, who in some men argued that he was a book talking about the reality of men and men in the course of important and important figures wrote rare in his book that he explained some men to be on the top Waha then wrote newspapers and news about what the author said about him and spread his words circulating on one of the websites

He has been a journalist in Egyptian art on astrology and other Egyptian artistic news. After that, he wrote in Egyptian football. He is an Egyptian football analyst in one of the professional satellite channels. He played games about referees and foul play in one of the news sites such as Philgol Valevin Yalla Shot and other football sites.

Nader Mohamed talked to us at the headquarters of the United States of America that in the people of Bellevue Facebook and social networking sites that he impersonates his personality and decides Nader Mohammed live on one of his official statements on the social networking site such as Facebook and Instagram and tension and some of its own

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